Monday, December 22, 2008

6 Great Tips On How To Save Money And Help Protect The Environment While Driving Your Vehicle by Ariston P Awitan,M.D.

With our economic down turn condition of our country these days, everybody wants to save money including truck and car drivers .It was just few months ago that the price oif gasoline was high. The price has come don some during the past few months, but I believe this reduction in price is only short-lived. We are still dependent on the foreign oil tor our fuel needs.

One particular issue today is the concern of pollution of the environment.The toxic emissions thast come our from the tail pipes of trucs and cars are a big factor in the environment pollution. So how can we car driviers and truck drivers help?

There several ways to help protect the environment and save money while driving your car or truck. These ways are discussed in this article including pointers in selecting fuel additive products.

It has been estimated by experts that emissions from cars and trucks are responsible for 30 percent of the pollution of planet Earth. So you can say that it is a civic duty of everyone to help protect the environment.

There are several attempts by people concerned about cleaning the environment. Some car manufacturers are starting to develop electric cars to try to solve the pollution problem.

Some companies are trying to promote their respective fuel additive products. Some are good, some are not proven by testing agencies. Some credible testing agencies have tested and recommended a fuel additive product.

What I want to discuss in this article pertains to a car or truck driver, how he can help reduce the toxic emissions that comes out from the tail pipe of his car or truck. There are several ways that a car or truck driver can do to help reduce emissions.

1. Properly Inflated Tires. This can improve gas mileage by up to 3 percent. Consider this: if you drive15,000 miles a year and get 25 miles per gallon. A 3 percent improvement will save about 17.5 gallons of gasoline, which at $4.00 a gallon is $70.00. Of course the gain means less oil consumed and fewer greenhouse gas emitted.

2. Tune Up. It is known that tune up can improve mileage by 4 percent, according to the U.S. Department of Energy

3. Replacing.Clogged Air Filter. This can raise fuel efficiency by as much as 10 percent.

4. Driving 65 miles per hour instead of 75 mph..can improve fuel economy by up to 15 percent

5. The Use of Fuel Additive. There are fuel additives available today that has been proven to decrease emissions from 30 to 50 percent and to increase mileage 10 to 20 percent. These products can save you from 10 to 20% from your fuel bill.

6. In selecting a fuel additive, be sure that is is marketed by a company with good credibility and the products has been proven by reliable testing agencies.

The solution of the pollution problem does not only concern us today. It also concerns our children and our children's children. The air we breath when it is polluted is a source of those so-called free-radicals that are bad for our health because they destroy the cells of our bodies.This is the theory of some researchers and some studies are still trying to prove that these free radicals cause cardiovascular and degenerative diseases, and even cancer in our bodies.

So it is everyone's civic duty to help clean the environment and anything that we can do to reduce or eliminate tail pipe toxic emissions is a welcomed effort.

About the Author

Dr. Ariston P Awitan is an orthopedic surgeon, Marketing Consultant with a passion of helping struggling network marketers

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